Monday, August 13, 2012

Turning Point for America

I really didn't know who I wanted Romney to pick as his 2nd on the ticket. I knew that he had some really good choices, but there were good reasons for all of them. After hearing Paul Ryan speak several times this weekend, I have come to the realization that he is an excellent choice. He is conservative through and through. He has experience with the process of governing and knows what it takes to get things done. I am very impressed with his speaking ability. I have confidence that the left will not be able to trip him up and that he will stay on message! He will be able to say things to build up Romney that would sound wrong coming from Romney himself. People who think that two white men on the ticket is racist are just plain wrong. A person's race should have nothing to do with whether we vote for them or not. Romney is right to pick someone that is ready to lead, has experience, and is informed and smart, instead of picking someone just to give him cover with people obsessed with color. There are many black, brown, asian, and white people that I admire and like. I don't judge them on their color. If Paul Ryan or Mitt Romney were black or hispanic I would vote for them. It is their policies and abilities I'm voting for. This election is a turning point for our nation. We can choose to turn further into the abyss of government deciding everything for us and people lining up to be on the government handout list. We can turn further to a socialist society and give up our freedoms to a few power hungry men and women because they promise us the moon if we will just let them run our lives. OR we can pull back from the cliff and turn this country around and head back the direction that our founding fathers intended. Those men were inspired by God. The freedoms that were given to us by God through the constitution are at risk. God will let us choose and if we choose evil men then we will be allowed to reap the harvest we have sewn. This election is the turning point.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Some thoughts on hidden agendas

When Obama took office I was worried that he was not being up front about what he wanted to do while in office. Everything about his past pointed to a far more radical person than the person he presented himself to be to the American people. In the campaign he was very careful to never give clear answers on many topics. He just spouted 'feel good' platitudes. The was wrapped like a birthday present in pretty paper by the media. Enough word came out, mostly on Fox news and talk radio, to make me really worried though. I did hope that he would not be as radical as his past associations had seemed to make him. But my hopes have all been dashed.
President Obama has had a huge hidden agenda all along. Because he still can't honestly answer questions about it, or talk about it, he continues to be in campaign mode. In speech after speech after speech he says the same thing, and gives very little real information. But the truth is becoming clear.
What does it mean to 'fundamentally transform America'. It means to transform America from its very foundations. Obama disagrees mightily with the founding fathers and what they wanted for America. He disagrees with their ideas and the constitution they created. He and his cadre want a socialist, big government, society. He wants POWER. Power to tell people what they can and can't do. Power to take their money. Power to tell them what doctor they can have, and when they have to quit using that doctor and live on pain pills instead. He wants power for himself and his radical associates. And they want power too. In Obama, they found the perfect front man. He is a gifted speaker. He is black, and he was young and relatively unknown. Now they have everything in place to shift this country in the direction that many radical organizations and people have wanted it to go. With huge piles of money, that comes from evil and conspiring men, and with the media safely in their pocket, they are able to push for those radical changes.
But a funny thing happened on the way to their Great Society. A lot of American people took notice and began to push back. Some brave talk show hosts continued to use what freedoms are still available to fight back and tell the truth. The American people are a great people when they are awakened. I hope that enough of us are awake and willing to fight for the protection of our country against this threat. We must save our constitution and work hard to get good leaders in place. We must do away with all the corruption. And we must let the media know that we expect them to do their jobs. Investigate and report what is really going on. Not just be some weird fan club of a radical, inexperienced, very flawed individual.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

A few ideas on health care reform

The efforts of powerful men to undermine the foundations of this great country are becoming more and more evident and more and more frightening. Right now the big debate is about Health Care reform. I have to say that this has been coming for a long time. Most people in this country see a need for some reforms in the way our health insurance industry meets the health care of the people in the country. Because of the switch to employer paid health care back about 60 years ago, health insurance has become an important part of employment. Most people find it very hard to switch jobs, or to open their own business because they are afraid to lose their insurance. Once you develop a serious health condition, you better not lose your current health insurance because you won't be able to get more.
Reforms need to address the portability of insurance and the dependence on insurance continuing to cover you despite a serious illness. Reforms also need to address tort reform. The extremely large payouts from law suits encourages more and more law suits and like pigs to a trough, the lawyers just continue to push and push. Tort reform is going to be tough because of the power of the lawyers lobbyists. Democrats are forced to protect them because of their huge financial support to democrats. As long as democrats are in power there just will not be tort reform. It won't happen.
Government regulation is a huge cause of the big financial burden that the health industry carries, and passes onto us, the consumers. All insurance is regulated on what they have to include in the policy. Things that most of us don't want to pay for insurance for. It is forced on us. I won't go into the details about it. It is well written about on the internet. To be honest I don't fully understand it, but facts are facts, and regulation in any industry creates much unnecessary cost. I would love to see more free market ideas let loose on the insurance industry.
This country has one of the greatest health care industries in the world. Let's not ruin it, but crushing it under a government run program. Government needs to pull out of the health care industry as much as possible. At this place in time I would say that the chance of that happening is about as great as me giving up chocolate for the next year!

Friday, July 17, 2009

I weep for my country

I am struggling with great sadness as I watch the seeming destruction of of this great country. There have been many times in the history of the United States where we have faced great dangers. Great men and women stood up and fought for what they knew was right. Again and again this country survived and grew ever stronger. A time of great prosperity and strength came and the people of America have become the most productive and prosperous in the history of the world. So what has happened.
There is a disease that has struck at the very foundation of our society. That disease is a combination of liberalism, secularism, and atheism. Evil men (and yes, I do believe that they are evil men) have listened to that great destroyer and deceiver Satan. They don't recognize who leads them, they don't even acknowledge his existence. But that doesn't change the fact that they are his servants and they do his work. He doesn't need them to know that he leads them, he just needs them to do his work of destroying this great nation.
The enemy is no longer at the gate, he is inside the gate. In fact he is in charge of the place. There are good people who are also working to save this country, but those who are blinded by power and money and fame who fall all too willingly into the grasp of evil.
I feel like the last 6 months has seen such a drastic change in the government and their policies that I don't know how much more we can take before the very fabric of our society is shredded beyond repair. The economy was in bad shape, but not insolvable. Now we are hearing things like 'unsustainable' and 'trillion dollar deficit'. The world is turning against the dollar and the productivity of the country is diving. And the horrible policies and practices that brought this about are being increased. Tax, tax, tax. Liberals see only one solution to everything. TAX. Taking more and more money out of the hands of the people who earn it and using it for power grabs and vote getting.
Pushing a great fraud onto the citizens of this country is one of the lowest things that a political group can do. The global warming hoax is being used to grab for more money and power. The cap and trade bill is a huge attempt to force the American people down a path they would never choose willingly. Cap and Trade would give more money and more power to the liberal elite in this country and raise the prices of pretty much everything! More money squeezed from the people and for what? Cap and Trade isn't designed to reduce greenhouse gasses, even if they were a danger to this world. The whole thing is nonsense. When you have people telling you that 'the science is settled' and 'all scientists agree', you can pretty much count on the fact that they are hiding things from you. But they aren't hiding it very well. There are thousands of scientists and experts who are trying to get word out that global warming is a natural process that man cannot change to any appreciable degree. They are up against a media that refuses to publish anything that will go against their own chosen agenda. But the truth is out there and we have to keep fighting for it to get out to the citizens of this country.
Now we are facing one of the greatest threats to our prosperity and well being. Nationalized health care. If the goal of the left is just to see that everyone gets good health care then they are going about it in a very poor fashion. Why would they make it illegal to move to another private insurance after you change jobs and lose your insurance from that job? Why are they trying to force everyone into government insurance? It's obvious. They want to control the people. They want the control of the huge amount of money it would entail. This is very frightening. I want everyone to have good health care also. I believe that their are problems with the industry and there needs to be a lot of work done, but this plan is totally the wrong path. Can't they see what has happened in country after country that has tried to use government health care or socialized medicine. It has NEVER succeeded. It is a disaster and there is much suffering and much lost time and work, as people struggle to get the care they need. Many have died waiting for the care they need. But it provides great power to a few people at the top. That is the draw.
I am so worried. I don't know if we can recover from this disastrous presidency of Barrack Obama and the reign of the Democrats in both houses of congress. But each citizen that cares must stand up and be heard. We must educate ourselves and others. We must speak out and vote and most of all we must pray. God expects us to do all we can do and then turn to him and ask his help. It is my hope and prayer that we will be worthy of his protection and help. It is my prayer that this country will survive. But for now, I weep for the state of the country at this time.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Will we recognize our country

The last several weeks as I've followed the ongoing efforts of the Obama administration to make huge changes in the way our country is run, I've come to realize that when the leadership of this country finally changes, we may no longer recognize our country. With an economy that is rapidly being taken from free enterprise and capitalism to socialism, and much of our banking world and the auto industries being nationalized, our financial system will be changed drastically. The Cap and Trade bill is a monstrosity that has so much fine print and regulatory power that every citizen will have their finances vastly affected. Our energy bills will go up and the price of gas will go up, but that is just the beginning. Every product and service we pay for will go up in price. It will have to, to offset the increase of price for production and services. This will hurt Obama's favorite constituency - the poor- most of all.

The intrusion of government into our health care will destroy our health care. Government cannot improve it. It is just not within the power or ability of government to improve the health care industry. The people who would run the programs would be appointments made by those who know little to nothing about health care and they would appoint people who they owe something to. The red tape and regulation would increase 10 fold. The loss of health care professionals would soon follow because fewer and fewer people would choose to go into such a heavily government run industry, where their pay would be limited unfairly.

The increase of czars in the government that are not cleared by the congress and are not answerable to anyone but the president and have unprecedented powers are very frightening and completely against everything the founding fathers had in mind. This is a power grab by the executive branch of government.

I kind of agree with Rush Limbaugh. I just don't see Obama being satisfied with only 2 terms. With the fawning media touting the accomplishments of this president and how much we need him, there just might be enough people to push for the 22nd ammendment being done away with. It doesn't seem possible, but how many of us could have foreseen where we are now, just 8 years ago.

What can we do? For a start we need to get very active in making sure there are changes in Congress in 2010. Republicans need to quit this incessant infighting. It is discouraging to the people out there who are ready to go to work. We each need to write our senators and congressmen and let them know how we feel about the issues. They need to know that there will be a price to pay for their votes that support Obama's agenda.

And we need to pray, and pray hard.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Who is whispering in Obama's ear?

I haven't posted in awhile. I have been reading and studying the current news and commentary though. At this point I see nothing to raise my spirits about the direction the Obama Administration is taking this country. Obama is a dangerous egomaniac. I know those are very strong words. But how in the world can a man with his VERY limited experience think he knows enough to make such dramatic and intense changes to our society and government. He campaigned on Hope and Change. Well, the change part he has down pat. It is the hope part that is sadly lacking.

The only hope I see in this only thing is the weakening hope that our country will survive this administration. They have only been in office a short time and already there are numerous evidences of corruption, cronyism, and Power grabs. They have nationalized a very important part of the economy (banks, and the auto industry) and they have big plans to nationalize the Health Care industry which makes up 1/5th of our countries economy. Yes, socialism is on the march. Socialism has always been a dangerous and criminal method of throwing power to a few corrupt men. It is not a system that works, but because of it's great promise of power many men and women continue to pursue it.

My personal beliefs are the it is a tool used by that great deceiver, Satan, to enslave men. His ultimate goal is to make men miserable. One important step to this is to take away their freedom, and to subject them to the will of evil and powerful men. Since this is my belief, it is easy to see how I also believe that Obama is a tool for Satan. I don't think he has purposely signed on to do the devil's work for him, but I do believe that Satan is using Obama's extreme self-love to push him to grab for more and more power and world acclaim. Where does Obama's inspiration come from? With his support for extreme methods of abortion like partial birth abortion (and indeed for any abortion), his backing of those who would destroy Israel, and his policies that remove more and more freedoms from Americans, I think it is clear that the one who whispers in Obama's ear is not the Being whose ways lead to peace and happiness, but the one who leads people down a much darker path.