Monday, August 13, 2012

Turning Point for America

I really didn't know who I wanted Romney to pick as his 2nd on the ticket. I knew that he had some really good choices, but there were good reasons for all of them. After hearing Paul Ryan speak several times this weekend, I have come to the realization that he is an excellent choice. He is conservative through and through. He has experience with the process of governing and knows what it takes to get things done. I am very impressed with his speaking ability. I have confidence that the left will not be able to trip him up and that he will stay on message! He will be able to say things to build up Romney that would sound wrong coming from Romney himself. People who think that two white men on the ticket is racist are just plain wrong. A person's race should have nothing to do with whether we vote for them or not. Romney is right to pick someone that is ready to lead, has experience, and is informed and smart, instead of picking someone just to give him cover with people obsessed with color. There are many black, brown, asian, and white people that I admire and like. I don't judge them on their color. If Paul Ryan or Mitt Romney were black or hispanic I would vote for them. It is their policies and abilities I'm voting for. This election is a turning point for our nation. We can choose to turn further into the abyss of government deciding everything for us and people lining up to be on the government handout list. We can turn further to a socialist society and give up our freedoms to a few power hungry men and women because they promise us the moon if we will just let them run our lives. OR we can pull back from the cliff and turn this country around and head back the direction that our founding fathers intended. Those men were inspired by God. The freedoms that were given to us by God through the constitution are at risk. God will let us choose and if we choose evil men then we will be allowed to reap the harvest we have sewn. This election is the turning point.

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